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Philippine Flights
Cebu Pacific Airline

One of the biggest airline company now in the Philippines is CEBU PACIFIC. They offers discounts for all travellers.

They have flight to Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Check our flight schedule for more.

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 Philippines Flight Destination
Boracay Sand Castle

Scheduled flight in the Philippines

Cebu to Cagayan
ETD - 8 pm Cebu Pacific

Cebu to Cagayan
ETD - 8 pm Air Philippines

Cebu to Cagayan
ETD - 8 pm Philippine Airlines

Cebu to Cagayan
ETD - 8 pm South Eas Asia Airlines

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Note: All flight schedules are subject to change without prior notice.

 Most visited place in Visayas


More than 1000 hills in number - consisting of thousands of cone-shaped mounds scattered over 50 sq kiliometers around the towns of Sagbayan, Carmen and Sierra Bullones in central Bohol. Each hill rises 30 to 120 metes above the surrounding plateau. The hills look liSke chocolate drops when the grass turns brown,
hence the name. Two of the hills have been developed into a resort with youth hostels, cottages, a swimming pool, and tennis court.

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